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ScoutingTrain – a project by Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (BdP e.V.)

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25 years ago, the Iron Curtain fell. Now, to celebrate this anniversary, BdP and its partners from Germany and the former Warsaw pact countries are planning an international journey in order to promote education and exchange. Throughout this year, the participants will experience international project management, several meetings and eventually a mutual journey on the tracks of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway in summer 2014. We want to share our impressions and experience in intercultural cooperation, mutual fundraising, and facilitation of an international exchange with local people we will meet on the route. Finally, our project will bring us to Berlin where we want to celebrate 25 years without walls in Europe with a festive event.

Working in different projects, the participants will develop and shape their own idea of the European past and its future, and learn what it means to reach a goal together. They will create a very special bridge from West to East. The idea of scouting as a door-opener and driving force for international understanding will be celebrated.

ScoutingTrain is meant to help people and cultures from Eastern and Western Europe to become closer and in doing so it contributes to intercultural understanding. It creates a mutual experience that helps to establish long-term contacts and promotes new friendships.

ScoutingTrain provides the opportunity for project managers to learn how to work in an international environment and take responsibilities beyond national limitations.

It has to become the vehicle that brings the idea of international understanding closer tot he public and promote an active cooperation and coexistence of civil societies in future!  

We, boys, girls, and young grown-ups from the Federal Republic of Germany, have made a free decision to join the BdP. Being a part of the world scouting movement, we want to shape modern work with children and young people, at the same time paying respect to the tradition of the German youth movement. 

For us, scouting means confident work on our aims and constant personal development. Our focus is on young people as unique personalities. As responsible citizens we want to lay foundations of a democratic, open society, and shape it. We are happy to see new young people and active grown-ups to become part of our movement, and our perception is not based on their nationality, race, religious beliefs, or social background.  

The idea of scouting has already excited over 40 million young people in nearly all countries of the world. They are active in their local groups and take on responsibility for themselves and the society they live in. This makes them a part of world’s largest youth movement.


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