NORS (National Organisation of Russian Scouts)

NORS (National Organization of Russian Scouts) – network organization, which unites different scout groups and regional scout organizations.



NORS was founded in 1998 from the merger of several interregional Russian scout organizations. In 2005 the republic of Karelia became the center of NORS-R. The office of the organization is situated in the city of Petrozavodsk. According to the statistics of 2013 there are 1985 members in NORS. It includes 93 scout organizations and groups from 19 regions of Russia.


The main directions of our work

Network cooperation: website, network actions
Three-level course system: from group leader to scoutmaster courses
National projects: Jamborees (website, thematic camps, projects for rovers

Interregional work

Interregional camps; creating the interregional centers which support local groups.   “Forest patrol” program in which scouts co-operate with Federal agency of forestry; they develop the firefighting system together and try it in action.

Spiritual development

As a rule, our groups are focused on the Orthodox Church, but also people, who belong to other religions, are welcome to NORS

Helping beginner groups

Regular informational and methodical support. Several methodical brochures and a tutorial “The diary of a scout” have been published.

International cooperation

The scout groups from other countries regularly participate in our scout camps. We make projects in different fields together. Wherein NORS is not a part of WOSM, the cooperation is developing between local and regional groups directly.

Symbols, which unite the groups of NORS:  regulations and rules of NORS; the flag of the organization, scout badges, scout neckerchiefs.


Why do we participate in “Scouting train” project?

The member of the German scout association, BdP, Tobias Wassereimer, told us about the project on our Jamboree “Urals dimension” in Perm and asked if we could support the project.

Several persons from NORS interested in the international scouting came to the Academy of conductors and decided to participate in the project and help in its development.

For us ”Scouting train” – is an opportunity to see how do the scout organizations from Eastern and Western Europe work and tell about our organization; give our participants the opportunity to improve their English (and other foreign languages), to see that the world is wider and more complicated that it seems to be and of course, to become a part of a big and exciting scout adventure.

In the opinion of the conductors from NORS, in the difficult political situation it is essential, that scout organization can be an example of friendship and mutual help.


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