More than just a train journey

Why ScoutingTrain’s final destination is not the end of the journey.

In order to make our project change Europe, it is not enough to take the train and travel to Lake Baikal. In this project, we want to develop and communicate as many different aspects of successful youth work as possible. We want to enable many people to organise similar followup projects and to remember how they did it on the ScoutingTrain. We pass the contacts and necessary tools to the conductors and in doing so enable them to share their excitement about this kind of projects with others.

This is why we provide our conductors with the following: 

  • Contacts to the international scouting organisations;
  • A network of experienced mentors;
  • A good access to Eastern Europe, both through the Conductors’ Academies and the journey itself;
  • New qualifications acquired through workshops and coaching.

Our message is:
We want to use the unique memories of the ScoutingTrain journey and capture them inpictures in order to promote following messages:

  • International youth work can destroy the walls;
  • Thanks to the culture of the journey and the camp, as well as the international scouting culture, young people and especially scouts and guides meet all requirements to do this;
  • It has been 25 years since the Berlin Wall doesn’t exist anymore, and with our projectwe want to destroy the walls in people’s minds.

Our conductor teams are being supported and supervised by the switchmen, mentors and coaches through out the year.

All the different people within the project – our stokers, conductors, signalers, switchmen are spreading the idea across the walls and borders. ScoutingTrain is the central project of the BdP in 2014! 


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