Milena Migut

Swidnik, Poland - a 10 year old little girl is starting her amazing scouting career: Milena Migut. And now she is with us!

It was in Swidnik where the merely 10 year old Milena started on the adventure Scouting. At the age of 15, she founded her own cubs troop. At the same time she was responsible for the programme of the Scouting unit in Swidnik while training the group leaders of the groups from Lublin. In 2004, Milena took part in organising a girl Scout camp in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, where she got in touch with the American Boy Scout methods. Lately, since having arrived to Germany, she has organised several international youth and Scout projects, among which are German-Polish projects dealing with sustainability.

"I want to bring the 'Eastern perspective' into the ScoutingTrain project and I want to work on how borders between people, countries and mentalities might change."

Milena Migut originally comes from Eastern Poland. Today, she works in Berlin where she is doing her PhD and teaches Polish, English and Arts in an intercultural academic high school.


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