Jan Schütte

Jan Schütte fumes beef jerky in his flat - really crazy! But being an Executive Board Member in this unique project is even more crazier!

Jan Schütte is from the scout group “Stamm Parzival” in Oldenburg (Germany). After being a group leader for many years and being district leader of Niedersachsen he has been a member of BdP's «Drushba» team since 2007.

Jan is mainly looking after pre- and post- meeting activities of Guide and Scout meetings of BdP and OSDk. Together with Benny, they support “weltwärts“ (Volunteer service for young people working in developing countries in particular before and after foreign assignments of volunteers, an initiative launched by the German federal ministry for economic cooperation and development).

He works as an engineer for Food Safety and Quality Management at at Germany's biggest manufacturer of baking products.

"I joined this interesting project in anticipation that this will push international competencies in BdP further. I anticipate that this project will improve networking among the European and Eurasian WOSM regions not only among officials but among all participants."


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