Hans-Dieter Wittke supports us because...

...especially just at this time "ScoutingTrain" has an important mission!

A Greeting

"The "ScoutingTrain" overwhelmed me and my wife already at the foundation meeting of the Federal camp Immenhausen.

Already excited by the short and informative introduction, I got the impression that this is the most extraordinary Scouts project in recent decades.

The coincidence of the historic, unifying and scouting dimensions leads to the importance of diversity for peaceful coexistence across borders. In a typical european-connecting manner with particular involvement of many people from Eastern Europe and Russia.

Especially " Scouting Train" has just at this time an important mission!

The further consideration of the well-documented preparations and many conversations ultimately led to the fact that we came quickly to the opinion to support this endeavor by our staff and others to encourage .

We wish " Scouting Train" and all the dedicated Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts that they can say in November: "It was a great issue and we have achieved something for Scouting, for ourselves, for our friends and beyond"...

Be prepared!"


Inge Wittke and Hans Dieter (HDW)

Founder and honorary chairman of the Scouts Relief Fund e.V.


"PS: I wish I could be part of it. But for sure in my thoughts I´m with all of you." 

Hans-Dieter Wittke and his wife Inge Wittke support our project with a four-figure sum.


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