Exploring Perm

First stop on our trainride from Moscow

After a short but inspiring night we arrived to Perm in the morning. We got a very warm welcome from the Perm Scouts. The offered us bread and salt in their traditional clothes. Then we went to the University where some of us stayed also the night. A lunch later we started to explore Perm. One of the guides told us that everybody in Russia think that in Perm live bears. But the only bear you can find there is Medwediza (Russian word for bear), the scout name of the guide.

Different offers to spent the morning


Walking trough the streets you can find some lines which leads you to monuments, museums and other culturals must have seens. 


For not becoming the StinkingTrain some of us spent an hour in the typical russian bathhouse called Banja.

Fun at the beach

The next day most of us went to the beach. The water was not cold but even not clean. Nevertheless some really brave people jumped into the river. 

Doswidanja Perm!

We say thank you to our Scout friends from Perm. They showed us their hometown and shared some nice experiences with us.


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