Benjamin Spatz

Benny is engaged in international youth work for 15 years now. Top of that is now the ScoutingTrain! 

Benny is from Northern Germany and has gathered international experience during the last 15 years; not only but also in the Scouting Movement. When he was a cub scout he already was amazed by the different nationalities at the national Jamboree. At age nine he experienced the differences and commonalities of Guides and ScoutsaDanish Jamborette As a Rover he went to Poland and later on to Kazakhstan, Russia and Kirghizia.

„I have always been dreaming of a train filled with people from all over the world, traveling to one of the greatest places in the world…“

Benjamin Spatz is also a part of the BdP`s-Team "Eurasia". Professionally he works for a German-Russian Youth Foundation.


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