Greeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel to the ScoutingTrain 2014 of the BdP Scout Association

"When the ScoutingTrain starts its journey to the Baikal lake on July 31st 2014, it will have over 400 scouts from over 10 country on board. Together, they are going to travel on the track of the legendary trans-Siberian railway and under the guidance of the wagon conductors they will play music, share ideas and join in discussions. Because the ScoutingTrain is not only a collective train journey – it also stands for the possibility to built up and deepen the contacts between east and west, for joint projects concerned with current topics and for the ideas of young people about the history and the future of Europe.

At the end of this exciting journey, the scouts will do what they are known for in the entire world: Enjoy hiking and camping as well as showing engagement in and concern about ecological issues. Another important facet of the international scouting idea is the encounter with locals as well as the dialogue between cultures, which will also be a part of this project.

I thank all the scout groups that have been engaged in the international ScoutingTrain project for many months now and that are preparing this exceptional train journey. I wish them a successful journey, pleasant encounters and contacts as well as many new friendships."


Angela Merkel

Berlin, March 2014, Federal Republic of Germany, Chancellor


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