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9 out of 15 employees in my  IT Consulting Firm have a Scouting or Youth-Movement background. And this is by design rather than by coincidence. Reliability, willingness to  take on Responsibility and Commitment are much more important than Technical Competence during the hiring process. Unfortunately, these criteria are not mentioned in report cards or diplomas. Having had or actively having Management Responsibility in Guiding and Scouting or other Youth Movement Organizations is proof of such Competencies. Our fast changing technical environment requires continuous learning. Technical competencies can be easily learned or caught up with. Self-confidence and  the knowledge that challenging goals can only be achieved in a team is a  trade that  is conveyed in the Scouting and Youth Movement.

Close ties to and with nature I believe are very important as only what we know and experience ourselves we value, respect and protect.

ScoutingTrain combines many of such factors and in addition is fostering international friendship. Scouts experience hospitality during every major journey but ScoutingTrain goes even a step further. You don’t just travel into a foreign country, you jointly organize the trip.

This enables joint experiences and adventures as a foundation for lasting friendship and trust.

It is my pleasure giving something back for what I gained in Support, Happiness and Self-Confidence as a Scout and in the Youth Movement. I hope and wish that many young people will develop a sense of deep friendship during their joint journey.

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