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The Opportunity Waggon gets rolling!

From the 12th to the 16th of June happened the first meeting of the waggon Opportunity in Lithuania. 21 Participants from Poland, Norway, Lithuania, Denmark, Hungary and Germany came together to meet their fellow travelers for the Scoutingtrain. 

We were the first international group to stay on the newly created national campsite of Lithuania in an eco-friendly community close to the town Ukmerge. Many adventures with Boats on the river Sventoje and a visit of an old top secret military base from the time of cold war gave us the chance to get to know each other more and more.

The remaining time we talked about our trip in the summer to Russia, about our dreams, about our ideas for this project and the tasks we need to do.           

We also helped Jonas Dragunas, the founder of the place a little bit to build up his dream, his wonderful idea to create this campsite called Skautų slėnio stovyklavietė.



In the beginning we were just people from different nations. Now only after three days we feel like a group coming from a united nation. We think this is the magic of scouting.

On the last day we met the participants of the Yourope waggon and experienced the capital Vilnius on bikes and on foot with a small citygame. It was great exchanging our experiences. We really enjoyed Lithuania´s beautiful capital Vilnius.

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