Julia Novitskaya went through russia by train before

A Scouting-Train through Russia - that sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And we all know how to be a scout, but to understand how to travel in a Russian train we had to consult an expert: Our conductress Julia Novitskaya.

Travelling by Russian trains is something special. Not always comfortable but romantic and bringing unique impressions. Hot tea in glasses with beatiful glass-holders; early morning in the third-glass carriage, when you go to the bathroom and bypass the feet of the passengers travellers hanging down from the too-short-sleeping-berthes... You watch on the peaceful faces of sleeping travellers and find beauty and mystery in every of them. Later the train stops for 30 minutes in some small city or village and all the passengers go to the platform to stretch themselves, smoke and by something sold by local pitchmen.

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