Happy squares all over Russia

We have a lot of squares in our home. Some are full of people, some are empty, some filled with kids, others are full of elder people playing board games, while in some places the square is THE place to be. We made HAPPY squares there, with the cultures that we know, asking the same question and getting not only expectable but also unbelievable answers. 

But what happens when you go somewhere else? When you take train for 6 days to get there, when you can not actually ask people anything because of language barrier?

MAGIC, that’s what happens. Smile and hand gesture brakes the barriers, kids find the way to play, and adults are also getting out of their shells to follow youngsters lead to talk to each other.  Sharing secret happiness, drawing it, explaining, nodding, when you actually don’t understand anything, and most important – never loosing smile. That’s how it felt being there. And what did we found out? We are all just the same here and there, our basic wishes, dreams and happinesses are just the same, and it doesn’t matter where did we grew up.

Lights of Happiness

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