Happy homework!

Wagon Lights of Happiness is getting ready for upcoming wagon meeting, which will take place already after few weeks in Lithuania! That's for sure, that conductors are working hard - getting information about participants, adjusting details and program of meeting etc.

But the participants are also getting on a happy track! In order to bring them closer to the happiness topic, conductors created homework. We called it simple - HAPPY HOMEWORK. Because it is! Happy to do, nice to see afterwards what you did. You just have to fill calendar each day. Track your flow of feelings, track how your mood changes, track what amazes you, track what is important for you. It is programmed that only good things are remembered in the end.

This is not only a tool for fun, this is also a tool to get to know yourself better. Interested? You can simply download it here and tell us later about your experience!


Lights of Happiness

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