What is the Moscow City Game

Welcome to the Moscow City Game 2014!

We are glad that you finally found your way to Sokolniki Campsite and we are looking forward to having a great international scout weekend with you!

Here's a brief overview how the CityGame is going to work:


  • Aim of the game is of course to collect as many credits as possible. So far, not too complicated. ;-)
  • Credits can be gained by accomplishing challenges.
  • Challenges are spread all over Moscow City
  • Credits' values vary from 1 to 4 creditpoints. Categories for creditpoints are the following:
  1. accomplishing challenges by simply answering questions
  2. accomplishing challenges by taking photos, writing texts, making videos and so on
  3. accomplishing challenges by interviewing people
  4. accomplishing challenges involving Russian team members
  • All CityGame-Players are being divided into international groups of about 6 people. These CityGame-Patrols are staying together during the playing time throughout the whole weekend.
  • Each patrol is provided with a Russian SIM-Card which can be used for communication between the patrols and also for sharing photos, texts and other media about the challenges.
  • In order to share your results, just tag your posts with #scoutingtrain on facebook or twitter. Therefore you can just use a private twitter- or facebookaccount from one of your patrol members. But don't forget to mention your patrol name within the posting.

Moscow City Game

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