Hey everybody!

Infected with the scouting virus!

I'm originally born in Berlin, but grown up in a little village near Hamburg. There I also got in contact with scouting. Since I am 10 years old I am infected with this virus! Wherever I go: I'm so much in scouting. I have been a troop leader in my local group before starting a little career in our association through different positions. Until march this year I have been a member of the board of our regional branch in northern Germany!

Loving new experiences

I like travelling through different countries and I love making new experiences and adventurous trips together with enthusiastic and outgoing people. That's why I am participating in the CityGame! I am responsible for marketing and public relations purposes. I am also in duty of some programme stuff.

Funny times in Russia!

In my civil life I started a professional engagement as a psychologist after studying psychology. You see: I am in urgent need of some funny times in Russia!

Moscow City Game

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