National Youth Council of Russia supports us!

The International Scout Workshop Moscow on the 4th of August with countenance of the National Youth Council of Russia!

The National Youth Council of Russia (NYCR) supports our workshop in the Meridian Centre with personnel and knowledge of the landscape of russian youth organisations.

We are very happy to have you on board! Thank you very much!

Kindest regards
Masha and Arne for the CityGame team 


Brief History of the NYCR

NYCR was established in January 1992 by 8 youth organisations. It now has 73 full members representing social, political, student, trade union, youth, cultural, sports and other organisations.

26 of the full members are regional youth councils uniting youth organisations at the local level. NYCR is registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as an association of non-governmental organisations.

NYCR obtained its political recognition from the President of the Russian Federation, the Youth Ministry and the State Duma (Parliament).

Moscow City Game

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