Moscow City Game has started

Let the game begin!

At 1th of August at 10:00 the Moscow City Game started and the patrols headed off to Moscow center! Now Russian, German, Ukraine and many more scouts from over 10 nations are gaming together 72 hours live in Moscow!

31 patrols compete for the 1st place!

Moscow City Game, that means 31 patrols. Each patrol consists of six scouts - the patrols are as much international as possible and at least with one Russian speaking scout.

Russian sim cards and maps

Moscow City Game, that means digital gaming! So each patrol received a City Game kit with:


  • a map of Moscow
  • a russian sim card for mobile internet
  • challenge booklet with the first 50 challenges
  • tickets over 20 metro rides per person
  • team buttons

Because of the sim card every group is posting live their experiences from the game. Follow them and stick with your favourite team!

The goal: collect as many points as possible

The goal is - of course - to collect as many points as possible! You can read here how the rules work. For example patrols can gain points by posting online or by interviewing people living in Moscow.

Digital gaming

The more online posts each patrol is publishing, the more points each patrol is gaining besides interviews and challenges. So we can follow each team easily by looking for the #hashtags #ScoutingTrain and #MoscowCityGame on our socialwall.

Moscow City Game

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