International Scout Workshop Moscow ― Programme

Scouting live!

The International Scout Workshop Moscow took place on 4th August 2014 in the Meridian Centre. Over 250 participants joined in and held in-depth discussions on actual themes of Scouting!

You can download the full programme here:

See now the titles and topics of the different workshops.

Youth Organizations and the Society ― Good preconditions for youth organizations in our home countries: What we have and what we need ― How can groups get what they need from their local authorities?

Leadership in Youth Organizations Opportunities of leadership ―  Personal achievements of youth leaders ― How to build a recruiting and education system for scout leaders

Ecology ― Advanced ecological thinking for rovers ― Best practices and projects ― What has been done and could be done by our organisations? ― forest renovation, forest firefighting, ecomonitoring

Scouting, Education and Development What can you learn from scouting ― Is scouting good for your personal career? ― Scouting and planning of your life/career

The History of Scouting ― How the world history influenced on the history of scouting in different countries ― Scouts, pathfinders, navigators, German Jugendbewegung ― What do we have in common? ― What are our global aims, strategies, and ideals? ― Achievements and perspectives

Public Relations and Marketing of Youth Organizations Compare “general” youth organizations with scout organizations ― Scouts searching for recognition: How to rise awareness for Scouting ― Usage of social media to show capabilities and activities of Scouting

Fundraising ― How can we finance a youth project? ― How does fundraising work? ― Evaluation of the fundrainsing instruments we used in the ScoutingTrain project

Youth and the internet ― Innovative tools that can help us in our work ― How the internet can be used for the achievement of our goals

Scouting in the 21st century ― Is Scouting still attractive? What makes it attractive? ― What should be done to modernize scouting? ― Renovation in scouting and scout programme ― Showcase: A project on the level of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)

Religion ― The overall role religion plays in our organizations ― How to include all directions of religious movements in our organizations ― What are the advantages of religion for youth movements?

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